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The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is out with a new study suggesting that "nearly half of U.S. families (47 percent) are 'very familiar' with the organic seal, representing a steady and significant increase of awareness from just 27 percent six years ago. Nearly seven in ten parents say they are extremely well informed or at least know 'quite a bit' about organic."

The study mains that this is translating to sales: "Over eight in ten (83 percent) U.S. families say they buy organic, up a full 10 points from the first year of the survey in 2009 and the highest level in the survey's lifetime. " In other words, "empowered with that knowledge, more parents are deciding to purchase organic than ever before."
KC's View:
Two observations here.

One is that the economy is working in the organic industry's favor. A lot more people have money today than had it back in 2009, which makes it more likely for them to spend it on organics. They might have resisted the compulsion back in the early days of the Great Recession.

Second, there would be something seriously amiss if greater knowledge didn't translate into higher sales for a category like organics. So this should not come as even a mild surprise to anyone.