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Fortune is out with its annual top 100 places to work list, and one retailer has made the top 10 - Wegmans, which came in at seven. Google sits atop the list at number one.

Other notables on the list: Nugget Market (#26), The Container Store (#27), Quik Trip (#54), Whole Foods (#55), LL Bean (#56), General Mills (#80), Publix (#81), Zappos (#86), and Nordstrom (#93).
KC's View:
I always try to keep lists like this one in perspective. The companies that made it are to be congratulated, but they also are the ones that invested time and energy in making the applications. Also ... does the fact that Wegmans and The Container Store have dropped down the list from number one at various times really mean that they've lost a step? Not really ... I think it actually means that Fortune needs to keep rotating the leaders so that there's some suspense.