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The Wall Street Journal reports that GNC Holdings is saying that an outside test of nutritional supplements sold by its stores has revealed "no improper labeling."

According to the story, "The Pittsburgh retailer didn’t disclose details of the testing, which was conducted by Eurofins.

"The testing comes as New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has been investigating several companies, including GNC, regarding advertising and labeling practices."

Schneiderman has demanded that GNC - along with Target, Walmart and Walgreen - stop selling certain supplements because the ingredients inside the bottles did not match the labels outside the bottles.
KC's View:
Well, either somebody is lying, mistaken, or the foundations of the two tests are so different that they make any comparison illegitimate.

Not sure how this will be resolved, except in court ... and even then, it will depend on the objectivity of some final arbiter who will decide which test is accurate and conclusive. My gut tells me that in the end, the ingredients and the labels are not going to match ... but I have no idea if this carry any sort of legal weight. I'm just cynical.