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The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks is going to expand "its mobile-ordering and payment system, currently piloted in Portland, to the rest of the Pacific Northwest," making it possible for "people who have downloaded the Starbucks app into their Apple device ... to place an order and pay from their iPhone or iPad, then walk into one of more than 650 Starbucks stores in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho to see their latte waiting for them at the handout counter. An Android version of the mobile ordering feature is expected later this year."

The story says that "Starbucks is rolling out the mobile-ordering capability to draw more customers into a digital ecosystem that’s closely entwined with its rewards program, whose users tend to buy more and more often," and that it also "gives the company a tool to manage strong demand for its increasingly complex offerings, which has created waiting lines that, while not Soviet in magnitude, are becoming frustrating to many customers."

Starbucks won't provide specific numbers for the Portland test, except to say it exceeded expectations.
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