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The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) is out with a new study suggesting that "consumers in the all-important 25 to 45 age group ... are increasingly demonstrating loyalty to the stores they use for household grocery purchases."

According to PLMA, "The study challenges conventional wisdom that consumers regularly shop at anywhere from 3 to 5 stores, chasing after promotions and the lowest prices ... These consumers shop often, but a majority does their regular grocery shopping at only two stores. The rate of shopping trips is high: more than eight in ten of consumers ages 25-45 shop at least weekly. But patronizing just two stores for their regular household grocery needs is by far their most popular shopping regimen and it has been increasing as a habit overall during the past decade."

Because PLMA is releasing the study, there is - naturally - a private label component: "Consumers 25-45, in increasing numbers, are trying store brands for the first time in product categories where they had previously only bought a national brand. Moreover, in overwhelming numbers they report the trial produced a satisfactory experience."
KC's View:
I wonder if this is actual loyalty to a compelling shopping experience or two ... or if it has more to do with habit, and a preference to do other things with their time than shop.

Again, my default skepticism kicks in. I'd guess the latter ... though it would depend on the part of the country, and the exact stores that seem to be benefitting from this trend.