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Business Insider reports that Walmart is trying to shut down a parody site called that, in fact, features a picture of a horse in front of a Walmart.

That's it. No whiny copy. No insults. Just a picture of a horse. In front of a Walmart.

The story notes that Walmart has sent the site owner, Jeph Jacques, a cease-and-desist order, claiming that the site infringes on its trademarks. Jacques, on the other hand, says that the site is parody, and therefore protected.
KC's View:
While I'm sure that there are trademarks to be protected, Walmart should've found a way not to turn this into a bigger story than it was.

In fact, they should have had some fun with it. Like maybe finding Jacques' address and delivering a couple of tons of Sam's Choice oats to his front yard, with a note of best wishes to the horse.

Talk about having the last laugh...