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The Associated Press reports that LL Bean, a catalog company that has successfully made the transition to digital with a strong e-commerce business, "plans to make a bigger push into brick-and-mortar retail by more than tripling the number of domestic stores over the next five years ... The Maine-based company, which is coming off five years of increasing revenue, will open four stores this year before accelerating growth with a goal of at least 100 by 2020."

According to the story, the expansion will include a move into the Pacific Northwest, an area that would seem to be in synch with LL Bean's outdoors-oriented worldview, but where it currently does not have any stores.
KC's View:
I actually think this makes a lot of sense, because the retailer is being careful about where it opens, and is doing it in markets where there are some basic synergies with how people live.

Speaking for myself, I'm very excited ... since I'm planning a move to the Pacific Northwest, and LL Bean is my idea of a fashion designer.