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Internet Retailer reports that Amazon has acquired 2lemetry, described as "a 4-year-old Denver company whose technology helps power the so-called Internet of things, a phrase to describe web-connected refrigerators, cars, consumer goods and other products."

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The story notes that "last year, another giant in e-commerce, Google Inc., paid $3.2 billion for Nest Labs Inc., a seller of web-connected smoke alarms and thermostats that was co-founded by Apple Inc. executive Tony Fadell, widely regarded as one of the executives who birthed the iPod."
KC's View:
The whole connected home space is going to get crowded and interesting ... and we're going to learn a lot just based on the names of the players investing money in it. The implications for the food industry from things like web-connected refrigerators, it seems to me, are potentially enormous.