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Starbucks said late last week that it plans to introduce "a higher-priced, small-batch iced coffee" that it says will be steeped in cold water for 20 hours, as opposed to simply pouring hot coffee over ice.

The Los Angeles Times writes that "each store will make one batch per day, which means about 40 grande-size 16-ounce cups will be available per day, per store."

The new coffee is said to be "smooth and rich," with "chocolate and light citrus notes," and less roasted and nutty than coffee brewed with hot water.
KC's View:
What interests me about this is the idea that Starbucks will only be making limited batches available, with the whole ideas being that the early bird will actually get the worm. That's an interesting approach - it works against the mass-marketing, make-everything-available-all-the-time instincts that most such chains would have ... and I think it is a smart way to drive traffic. Nothing like built-in shortages to create interest, especially if the product is tasty.

I have to say that this story made me smile a bit. My late father-in-law, even when he was in assisted living and not having very good days, would love it when we'd bring him coffee, especially iced coffee during the summer months ... he craved taste (which you get very little of from institutional food), and it provided him with some happy moments even when things were tough. And I found myself thinking that he probably would've liked this product, and I'm sorry he's not around to taste it.