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23andMe, the at-home DNA testing kit company that is backed by Google, now is getting into the drug development business, the Associated Press reports, "betting that it can translate its database of customer DNA information into novel medicines."

The story says that "23andMe is best known for its saliva-based test kits, which offer users the chance to peek into their genetic code for clues about their ancestral past. But drug research has always been at the foundation of its business model. Much the way social media websites sell advertisers access to their user networks, 23andMe licenses the raw data from its DNA database to researchers. The company has more than 20 partnerships with drug companies including Pfizer and Roche, as well as with government and academic researchers.

"But now 23andMe plans to pursue its own drug R&D efforts. CEO Anne Wojcicki said the company’s genetic insights could help streamline the time-consuming drug discovery process."
KC's View:
It is hoped specifically that by using customer DNA information, the company can cut down on both the time and dollars that traditionally have been necessary to develop new and effective drugs.

I know very little about this science, but I just find it so fascinating ... I think that over the long-term, it is going to have a dramatic impact on what we eat and drink, what medicines we take, and both the quality and length of our lives. It is very exciting.