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The Guardian reports that Dollar General is following the trend of increasing employee income, but not by giving its people raises. Rather, the story says, Dollar General "plans to offer workers at its 11,800 stores more hours.

The company currently pays new part-time store hires the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, with raises to $9 per hour coming after five months. The story notes that by giving those employees more hours, Dollar General hopes to be able to avoid across-the-board raises, though management says it will continue to monitor the landscape.

"The market for quality customer service staff is getting competitive," the writes. "Over the last year, retailers like Ikea, Gap and most recently Walmart have increased wages in an effort to retain staff, improve customer service and cut down on training and recruiting. As the market for low-wage workers tightens, Dollar General hopes to entice good workers with a more full-time schedule, rather than higher wages."
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