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by Kevin Coupe

 InComm, which describes itself as "a prepaid product and transaction services company," is out with a study saying that 67% of total gift card sales in December 2014 were digital gift cards, compared to 57% in 2013, with 33% of total sales being physical gift cards, compared to 43% in 2013.

This suggests, the company says, that "digital gift cards are an increasingly important component of successful holiday strategies."

Not surprisingly, December 24 was the highest sales day for digital gift cards ... suggesting that panic or fear may have been one of the biggest drivers in the digital gift card purchase decision.

But it also suggests the degree to which, yet again, we can see fundamental changes in human purchase behavior, even if the motivations for these decisions - fear of a spouse's wrath - may be as old as time.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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