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• The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Walmart "has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a a December decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to approve a $151 million class-action award to employees in the state for unpaid wages and damages."

The original case concerned more than 180,000 employees who accused the company of not paying them for work performed "off the clock." Walmart is appealing the decision by saying that the class action award was reached by a formula that applied a few allegations to the broader group; the retailer wants the Supreme Court to apply the same rationale that had it decertify a class action gender discrimination suit.

MassLive reports that five years after Walmart made a big deal out of the installation of 12 wind turbines atop a Worcester, Massachusetts, supercenter, those turbines have been removed.

"We're going through the data to figure out what we learned, and we're applying those lessons in a variety of renewable energy projects," says Kara Greco, Walmart director of sustainability communications. However, no specific reasons have been given for the removal of the turbines.
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