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Whole Foods has announced "expanded hours and three additional community market locations" for its My Street Grocery, described as "a mobile grocer" operating out of a refurbished trolley car "that travels to neighborhoods throughout the Portland metro area and is focused on improving fresh food access and building community by introducing choices, resources and relationships that celebrate the joy of food."

The announcement says that "once the spring schedule is in full swing, My Street Grocery will operate community markets five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. The trolley is stocked with produce, pantry staples, as well as dairy, meats and frozen fruits and vegetables. Whenever possible, the mobile grocery store sources from the hundreds of local producers Whole Foods Market partners with in the Pacific Northwest."

The My Street Grocery represents a partnership between Whole Foods Market and local healthcare providers, social service agencies, faith-based organizations, schools and neighbors.
KC's View:
I love initiatives like this one ... not least because it just seems so Portland. But also because it reflects something very important ... a willingness to expand the universe by going to the customer, and also by going to customers who might not ordinarily go to you.