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by Kevin Coupe

Sweden, the country that brought us August Strindberg, Alfred Nobel, Ingmar Bergman, Stieg Larsson, Tetrapaks, Spotify, Volvo, and, last but not least, Ingrid Bergman and Greta Garbo, now can boast of its latest cultural innovation.

McDonald's pajamas.

Advertising Age reports that in Sweden, McDonald's is hoping to translate its popularity as the nation's favorite hamburger to a broader lifestyle business, and is introducing a collection of bedding, wallpaper, long underwear, pajamas and even pet supplies that bear its logos.

The company says that profits from sale of the lifestyle items will be donated to the its Ronald McDonald charity.

I'm not sure what is harder for be to believe - that people would want to put McDonald's wallpaper in their homes, or that the Big Mac is actually the country's favorite burger.

Somebody needs to open a Shake Shack or In-N-Out there. Quickly. It'd be an Eye-Opener.

(And maybe get one of those two companies a Nobel Prize for burgers. Which strikes me as a perfectly legitimate category...)
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