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The Private Label Manufacturer Association (PLMA) is out with its annual report saying that "total sales of private label in the U.S. were $115.3 billion" during 2014, and that during that time, "store brands had accounted for nearly three billion dollars in incremental sales overall, an increase of +2.5% over the previous year and more than twice the percentage gain that was recorded by national brands."

The report goes on to say that "over a three-year period, store brands sales across the combined retail outlets have increased by $5.5 billion, moving store brand dollar market share from 17.3% to 17.7% ... Unit market share for store brands was 23.1% in U.S. supermarkets, while dollar share increased to 19.5%. In drug chains unit share was 17.3% and dollar share increased to 16.5%. Unit share was 21% for all outlets combined as dollar share grew to 17.7%."
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