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Bloomberg has a story saying that Americans are laboring under the illusion that the federal government has established and is enforcing tough product safety standards for consumer products. Simply put, this is not true.

An excerpt:

"Almost seven years after children’s deaths and injuries from collapsing cribs and defective toys led to new standards for consumer products, the rarity of inspections -- as well as loopholes in the law -- are undermining its effectiveness. As a result, both companies and the government can fail to protect families.

"The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which regulates 10,000 products ranging from apparel to household appliances, inspects less than 1 percent of imports under its jurisdiction. With the odds stacked against being detected, cost-cutting foreign manufacturers continue to supply dangerous goods to U.S. retailers.

"While Dollar Tree has the most violations of any retailer cited by the safety commission, Target Corp. and Zulily Inc. also rank among the top 10 companies failing to meet standards for flammability, lead content and other criteria, commission data show."

It is an informative, even scary story, and you can read it in its entirety here.
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