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Reuters reports that Amazon is suing four websites in an attempt to stop them from selling and posting fake positive reviews for products being sold on its site.

"Amazon said the bogus reviews undermine a system that the Seattle-based online retailer launched 20 years ago to help shoppers using its website decide what to buy," the story says, noting that "four- and five-star reviews can aid sales, especially if customers perceive them as unbiased ... Amazon said the defendants are misleading customers, and through their activity generating improper profit for themselves and a 'handful' of dishonest sellers and manufacturers."

The defendants in the case have not yet commented. Amazon is looking to stop their operations, plus damages.
KC's View:
This is important, because one of Amazon's great innovations has been the concept of customer reviews ... and it has to do everything it can to prevent the corruption of that feature.

Though it isn't really a surprise that there are companies out there that, essentially, would try to make a buck by deceiving the American public. Even in 2015, there's a sucker born every minute...