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MLive reports that "Meijer's online shopping and store pick-up service is back after a 26-month hiatus. But the new incarnation, dubbed Meijer Curbside, has been retooled based on customer comments," with the company adopting a click-and-collect model and dumping the previous home delivery approach.

The story says that "launched this month at the Knapp Corner store in Grand Rapids, the pilot program could be rolled out to more of the Midwest retailer's 213 stores across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky later this year."

There is no surcharge for the service at this point, as the company learns from users, but it is expected that a charge of about $5 is likely down the line.

The story goes on to say that "Meijer is trying to distinguish itself from the competition by offering two options: A quick-trip order of less than 12 items that can be picked up in an hour, and a full order that is ready in three hours ... Curbside shoppers can order from more than 23,000 options. While that is only a fraction of the several hundred thousand items carried in one of Meijer's roughly 200,000-square-foot stores, the available items are the ones that usually end up in shoppers' carts."
KC's View:
I would expect that we're going to see a lot of these sorts of announcements from companies that have either flirted with e-commerce or avoided it altogether, as it becomes increasingly clear that not offering some sort of e-option would be akin to not having scanners.