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by Kevin Coupe

The Associated Press reports that "Facebook remains the most used social media site among American teens ages 13 to 17, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center," putting the lie to speculation that teens wanted nothing to do with the social media site.

According to the story, "Aided hugely by smartphones and other mobile devices, 71 percent of teens surveyed said they use Facebook, with the same percentage saying they use more than one social network of seven options they were asked about. Half the teens said they also use Instagram and four in 10 said they used Snapchat."

Perhaps the biggest surprise - boys use Facebook more than girls, at 45 percent versus 36 percent.

The lesson from this Eye-Opener may be that while a lot of teens were dismayed by the fact that their parents and even grandparents embraced Facebook, the simple fact is that the social media site remains a powerful and compelling communications tool - in spite of the presence of old folks.

Or maybe ... just maybe ... because of the presence of old folks. Because I think that as much as kids say they don;t want anything to do with the parents, there are times that they may actually find our presence to be reassuring. Annoying, but reassuring.
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