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It has been a busy, travel-filled week, so I haven't had the chance to engage in much pleasure viewing about which I can report this morning. But ... in the odd few moments, I have had the chance to watch the first two episodes of "The Comedians," the new scripted sitcom on FX.

And it is very, very funny.

"The Comedians" stars Billy Crystal and Josh Gad ("Book of Mormon," Frozen) as versions of themselves, a mismatched pair thrown together to star in a new sitcom on FX. When I say versions of themselves, that's a guess - it is hard to imagine that these two delightful performers are anywhere as mean and self-centered as the characters they portray here. (I hope they aren't.)

There is some resemblance to "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but it doesn't seem derivative. The writing is very sharp if occasionally profane, the performances are knowing, and the old-young odd couple pairing really works. And, best of all, it is laugh-out-loud funny.

Three observations about my visit to Toronto this week.

First, it is amazing how the city has grown since my last visit to downtown, which must have been almost 20 years ago. Wow. It seems like an extraordinarily diverse and sophisticated city (despite some of the political choices made by its citizens), and is just filled with tall, gleaming towers of glass and steel.

Second, I had one of the best Italian meals of my life at a restaurant called Buca - and enjoyed one of the most sublime things I've ever tasted: Parmigiana di Melanzane, which is preserved tomato, the most amazingly light and fluffy eggplant, buffalo ricotta and burrata cheese. I get hungry just thinking about it.

Finally, I went to a Blue Jays game last Saturday. It was sunny and 68 degrees outside. And the dome was closed. Which strikes me as a crime against nature.

Just sayin'...

One of the things I learned in Toronto is that Ontario makes some wonderful wines ... and one of my favorites was the 2012 Flat Rock Gravity Pinot Noir, which is delicious and mouth-filling. Yummy.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

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