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Michael Pollan has an interesting piece in the New York Times in which he considers the notion of "natural," finding that "at the margins, it’s impossible to fix a definition of 'natural.' Yet somewhere between those margins there lies a broad expanse of common sense.

“'Natural' has a fairly sturdy antonym - artificial, or synthetic - and, at least on a scale of relative values, it’s not hard to say which of two things is 'more natural' than the other: cane sugar or high-fructose corn syrup? Chicken or chicken nuggets? G.M.O.s or heirloom seeds? The most natural foods in the supermarket seldom bother with the word; any food product that feels compelled to tell you it’s natural in all likelihood is not."

And yet, Pollan suggests, it is not always that simple ... and you can read the entire piece here.
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