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• The Phoenix Business Journal reports that "it will only take 40 hours for grocery chain Haggen to take over and rebrand the Arizona grocery stores it acquired from Safeway and Albertsons."

“It is amazing what we can do in 40 hours,” says Haggen Southwest CEO Bill Shaner. “The FTC has given us 150 days to convert all the stores, so we’ve got a time crunch the FTC drives.”

And Moran Golan, Haggen director of communications, adds: “This first phase consists of a fresh coat of paint, new signs inside the store, and, of course, the Haggen name, big and bold, on the outside of the building. One of the most important parts of the store conversions takes place behind the scenes, transitioning employees over to Haggen, and educating them about the company’s commitment to buying local, supporting the community and utilizing sustainable business practices.”

I have to be honest. None of the things that the folks at Haggen describes themselves as doing would necessarily convince me that this would be the place that I'd want to shop. I understand that there is a time crunch, but I continue to believe that the only way for Haggen to make this work is to offer something different to consumers, not just an old store with a new sign and a fresh coat of paint.

CNBC reports that "as milk falls out of favor with consumers, Dean Foods is determined to make the white beverage sexy again ... a national ad campaign will launch in print and TV for DairyPure, which places all of the milk produced at Dean's 30-plus regional dairies under one label. DairyPure will automatically become a $2.5 billion brand, making it one of the top consumer packaged goods lines in the U.S. "
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