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Loyalty One is out with a new survey suggesting that more than seven out of 10 US consumers prefer grocery discounts to fuel rewards.

According to the survey, "72% said they’d prefer that grocers offer discounts in the aisle instead of at the pump. The preference is strongest in the densely populated Northeast, where 81% said they’d opt for grocery discounts over gas savings. It’s weakest but still noteworthy, in the West, where 65% favored grocery discounts.

"Among the biggest spenders, those who budget $700 a month on groceries, no less than eight out of ten (83%) expressed a preference for grocery discounts versus gas rewards. Similarly, the majority of shoppers (74%) spending $300 to $500 a month, said they prefer grocery discounts to gas savings.

"Age-wise, older millennials are leading the charge for grocery discounts over gas rewards. Among shoppers 25-35 years old, 76% said they prefer grocery, rather than gas rewards. That’s five percentage points higher than any other age group in a range spanning from 18 years old to over-65."

"Fuel reward programs still have relevance and value, but our research and client engagements confirm they're also not a cure-all for building loyalty," says LoyaltyOne Consulting Managing Partner Dennis Armbruster.
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