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The Washington Post reports that CVS Health has announced that it "will re-build two Baltimore stores that were burned during protests, including one that was referenced in a speech by President Obama."

Larry Merlo, president/CEO of the retailer, said that CVS has "a long history of serving inner city communities and we are 100 percent committed to serving our patients and customers in Baltimore.”

Merlo continued: “As we watched the events unfold in Baltimore over the past week or so, our hearts turned from pain to the promise of what is ahead. Our purpose as a company is helping people on their path to better health. There is no better way that we can fulfill that purpose than to reopen our doors and get back to serving the community. It is simply the right thing to do.”

CVS also said that store employees unable to work because of the civil unrest are being paid anyway for the days that were missed, and they are being given the opportunity to work in other CVS units until the stores are reopened.

No timeline for the reopenings has been set.
KC's View:
I assume this is good business. Regardless, it also strikes me as being the essence of good corporate citizenship. I'm not always the biggest CVS fan, but on this one, I applaud the company.