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• The Idaho Statesman reports that Boise-based WinCo Foods will open its 100th store this week, an 83,000 square foot unit in Lewisville, Texas.

WinCo currently employs about 15,000 people in eight states and operates five distribution centers.

USA Today reports that "Wendy's plans to sell 640 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada to franchisees to generate cash and reduce expenses, the company said Wednesday. It will also sell its bakery operation, based in Zanesville, Ohio, this month.

"Going forward, we intend to buy and sell restaurants opportunistically to act as a catalyst for growth by further strengthening our franchisee base, driving new restaurant development and accelerating Image Activation adoption," CEO Emil Brolick said in a statement.

Reuters reports that McDonald's plans to add kale to its breakfast bowls at nine Southern California restaurants. "The company, which is testing a variety of new foods as part of a vast turnaround effort, plans to offer breakfast bowls for about $4, one of which is made with turkey sausage, egg white, kale and spinach," the story says.

It was just last year that McDonald's said that it would never put kale on a burger.
KC's View:
Wait a minute. Does this mean that in this case, McDonald's actually is saying, "what the ..."

This is exactly why McDonald's needs to engage with Freshii.

I rest my case.