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Re/code reports that "Amazon has quietly expanded its Amazon Fresh grocery delivery business to parts of Northern New Jersey, a check of its Amazon Fresh website found."

The story goes on: "The expansion is not a huge surprise, considering that Amazon started delivering groceries to parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the last eight months, and at least some of the food being delivered is coming from a big warehouse in Avenel, New Jersey. But with each new market in which Amazon launches its Fresh business, it becomes more clear that this initiative is no longer an experiment; it’s a big part of where Amazon expects to get sales growth from in the future."

And: "The move into New Jersey comes shortly after Amazon announced it would offer a limited number of frozen and perishable items such as milk and juice for delivery in Manhattan as part of a program called Prime Now. This is separate from the Amazon Fresh initiative, which offers a much wider selection of groceries. Prime Now allows Prime members to get two-hour delivery on a smaller selection of goods for free, and one-hour delivery for an extra $7.99 fee."
KC's View:
Now, what Amazon Fresh really needs to do if it wants to be successful is get into the rotation of food purveyors used by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ... since a new report from a non-profit investigative unit revealed this week that about 80 percent of the governor's $360,000 annual allowance has gone to food and booze, including $76,373 spent at Wegmans Food Market for 53 different purchases, $11,971 at ShopRite on 51 occasions and $6,536 at ShopRite’s liquor stores in just seven visits.