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by Kevin Coupe

There was an interesting piece in the Washington Post about Rick Stewart, a former CEO of a pharmaceutical company called Amarin, who has found a second and potentially more impactful life since he left his job after running then-unsuccessful trials for a drug designed to treat Huntington’s Disease.

What he seems to have discovered is a drug that could help people quit smoking, and, the story says, "researchers are excited about what could be the first new treatment for smoking cessation to emerge in years."

The story is an Eye-Opener, I think, because of the story's essential premise - that as a CEO, Stewart essentially could not or would not have seen the potential for the laburnum-derived drug because he "was too deep inside the drug industry, a place often criticized for its short-sighted focus on profits." It was only once he was on the outside - freed from the demands on a CEO - that Stewart was able to look for unusual opportunities and exploit them.

Cool piece, with some larger truths ... and you can read it here.
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