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• The Cincinnati Business Courier has a piece about Kroger CFO Mike Schlotman and how he views the current climate for acquisitions ... and he makes an extremely savvy observation that deserves to be repeated:

"That duck on the pond, the head always looks pretty calm but those feet are going fast, and that’s how mergers typically are when they’re big like that. You have to make sure that the feet moving that fast does not disrupt what you’re trying to do for the customer, and if it does, that’s where it can wind up creating an opportunity for us. We don’t want a synergy number to be the item that drives a transaction because then you get focused on the wrong thing and try to make the merger work. And you’ll get the synergy dollars quickly at the expense of something else."

• The Sacramento Business Journal reports that Michael Teel is acquiring majority ownership of Raley's, the Sacramento, California-based supermarket chain.

Teel is the grandson of the company's founder. His mother, Joyce Raley Teel, is transferring her ownership stake in the company to him, giving him a 92 percent ownership stake. His four daughters will equally share the remaining eight percent.

• Bi-Lo Holdings, parent company to Bi-Lo, Harveys, and Winn-Dixie,said yesterday that it has changed its name to Southeastern Grocers.
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