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The New York Times reports that Starbucks "announced a multiyear deal to work with Spotify, the subscription streaming service, to produce playlists for its stores and promote Spotify at its locations ... The partnership, which the two companies said would begin at Starbucks stores in the fall, will let Starbucks employees and customers pick the songs played at the shops, and incorporate Spotify into Starbucks’s mobile app, which Starbucks said was used by 16 million people in the United States."

For Spotify, the story says, "the deal ... brings valuable in-store promotion just as it prepares to face a major new competitor in Apple, which is expected to introduce its own streaming music service as early as next month."

The Times notes that "Spotify, which is available in 58 countries, said in January that it had 15 million paying subscribers and another 45 million who listen free with advertising." The Starbucks mobile app has 16 million users in the US, the companies say.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
KC's View:
The press releases says that this will essentially allow Starbucks baristas to be DJs in their own stores. Which I suppose is marginally better than getting them to serve as racial strife counselors.