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by Kevin Coupe

Speaking of chicken...

It so happens that John Oliver, on his HBO Sunday show "Last Week Tonight," also decided to train his sarcasm and well-honed sense of the absurd on the chicken industry.

In this case, he looked at contract chicken farmers, who, it appears, are being exploited by major chicken brands - the big brands own the chickens, but the contract farmers have to take on all the expenses for raising them, which puts many of them below the poverty line.

And, Oliver went after politicians - by name - who, he suggested, are so much in the pocket of big poultry that they are unwilling to vote against legislation would would simply let the farmers air their grievances without fear of retribution.

The story is, as usual, replete with salty language that you'll want to be careful about if you're listening in your office or if your kids are within earshot.

But it is also, as usual, a devastatingly funny piece that cuts right to the meat of the matter. Check it out.

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