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Fortune has a piece about how Nordstrom "has been pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into building up its digital sales, expanding into Canada and planning a beachhead in Manhattan. It’s doubling the size of its Rack outlet chain and acquired e-commerce sites like Trunk Club, as it looks to keep up with shoppers’ quickly changing behavior and avoid the doldrums afflicting many brick-and-mortar retailers."

All these moves suggest that Nordstrom has more than one might expect with Amazon ... including a propensity of late for increased sales by decreasing profits, largely because of its investment initiatives.

However, there is another number that the company believes counts - 20 percent, which is how much of its business currently is done online, up from 13 percent just two years ago and higher than the percentage of online business done by most of its peers.

It is a simple calculation, according to company co-president Blake Nordstrom: “Our customer strategy is squarely focused on serving customers on their terms and delivering the high level of service they expect from us."
KC's View:
Bingo. That's what you do to be successful in a digital marketplace. You understand that while the store is important, having an e-commerce presence is critical in being relevant to a changing marketplace. You nurture both, knowing that in the end, it is up to the customer to make the choice.