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The New York Times reports that while ride-hailing services such as Uber have largely been banned from picking up passengers at airports throughout the country, drivers for these services have found surreptitious ways to operate there, making it look like they are family or friends rather than paid drivers.

Now, "American airports, aware that the tidal wave of acceptance of the ride-hailing phenomenon will not recede, are gradually rewriting regulations to welcome all manner of cars."

While there are issues that need to be resolved - such as fees that need to be paid to the airports, traffic flow, and insurance - the rules are being rewritten for a simple reason, the story says. Travelers no longer just want access to Uber and its brethren at airports. They expect it.
KC's View:
This last line is actually the most important of the story. The balance of power has changed. It doesn't matter what has gone before, or how changes will crate operational or bureaucratic problems. Consumers want what they want. Deal with it.