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• The New York Times reports that "in a move that could put pressure on its rivals to follow suit, Amazon will start paying taxes in a number of European countries where it has large operations, instead of funneling nearly all its sales through Luxembourg, a low-tax haven that is the home base in the region for Amazon and many other large tech companies."

Companies such as Amazon and Google have been criticized by some EU countries because of their tax payment policies, and the European Commission is investigating "whether Apple and Amazon receive unfair state support through low-tax agreements in Ireland and Luxembourg, respectively, where the companies run their European operations."

Latin Post reports that Pepsi is launching a new flavor, Pepsi Limón, which "has real lime juice and real sugar in it, giving it a popular tart taste familiar among Latinos ... It is now available in 20 oz. bottles in select markets throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Chicago."

The story notes that the goal is to "reach out to Latino consumers since they make up almost one-sixth of the U.S. population."
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