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In Arkansas, City Wire reports that Walmart's Sam's Club division is engaged in a reinvention process as it attempts to reverse a trend of disappointing same-store sales comparisons and profits, with CEO Rosalind Brewer saying that "this year is one of investment and testing, and we’re very focused on strengthening our foundation for business improvement in the longer-term. We’ve been focused on four initiatives designed to improve our foundation.”

Those four initiatives are merchandise assortment, which is focusing on "newness and differentiation," with a greater emphasis on organics ... membership and decision sciences, with a greater focus on exploiting data through better analytics ... "new programing to enhance member value" ... and a greater investment in e-commerce, especially a click-and-collect function.
KC's View:
The two that I find most interesting are the focus on using consumer analytics to a greater degree, and e-commerce ... because in so many ways, they go hand-in-hand and would represent a significant sea-change for the retailer.

But I keep thinking that eventually, Sam's is going to have to acquire BJ's Wholesale Club ... if only because it would jump-start the division in terms of revenue.