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The New York Times reports that Elmo, Bert and Ernie, and Grocer are getting into the cookbook business.

According to the story, “'Sesame Street Let’s Cook!' offers simple and healthful recipes that may be the first step toward convincing even your pickiest eater to try something new. The recipes, created by Susan McQuillan, a family nutritionist and food writer (in collaboration with all the Sesame Street muppets of course), offer a child-friendly approach to cooking and eating. Familiar family dishes include Elmo’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese ‘n’ Bits and Grover’s Monstrously Delicious Chicken Nuggets, as well as more adventurous fare including Grover’s Asian Sticky Rice Balls and Zoe’s Tortellini Soup with Tiny Turkey Meatballs."

McQuillan tells the that "the idea is that every recipe has steps marked for kids. The goal is to get kids involved in cooking from scratch with the longer term goal of eating better. A two-year-old who hands you a spoon or stirs something feels involved in the process. Even with picky eaters, the idea behind it is that if they participate in the making of the food, or at the supermarket choosing the foods or even just choosing the recipes from the book, they’re more inclined to eat the food."
KC's View:
It is just so heartening to see "Sesame Street" getting more and more involved with the nutrition issue - first through its partnership with the produce Marketing Association (PMA) that is allowing brands to use its familiar characters to market fresh foods and vegetables, and now this.