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CNBC has a piece about Target and its CEO, Brian Cornell, in which it notes that "the consumer has drastically changed in the past 15 years to go from a largely white middle class, to including many different demographics, creating a challenge to Target if it tries to appeal to all those constituencies at once.

"We really can't," Cornell says. "We've got to make sure we stay very focused and we understand our sweet spot. Our sweet spot today is what we call the demanding enthusiast."

The story goes on: "Cornell added that the millennial family these days are very diverse, love to shop, expect great value and are digitally connected. So that means in one hand they could have a shopping cart, and the other hand a smart phone. His goal is to ultimately make sure that Target embraces the new consumer, and continues to appeal to them with dazzling collaborations in the future through localization, and a thorough understanding of their customer."
KC's View:
If the goal is to have more data about the shopper and then actually act on it ... then that's certainly the right direction.