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Kroger announced on Friday that Fred Morganthall, the president of Harris Teeter Supermarkets since 1997, has been named senior vice president of retail divisions for the parent company.

Morganthall will be succeeded at Harris Teeter by Rod Antolock, the company's current executive vice president.

Kroger acquired Harris Teeter for $2.4 billion in a deal that closed in January 2014.

"Fred is an exceptional leader who is respected throughout the industry," said Mike Ellis, Kroger's president/COO, in a prepared statement. "We continue to learn a lot from Fred about building even stronger connections with our customers. We are delighted that he is taking on this broader role at Kroger."
KC's View:
One always gets the sense that Kroger is one of the companies that gets the whole merger thing right - it understands that you have to learn more than you impose, because it is the stuff that you learn that made the company worth acquiring in the first place.

I have to wonder if one of the things Morganthall brings to Kroger is his understanding of how Harris Teeter has been successful in the e-commerce business, something with which Kroger has uncharacteristically struggled.