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Ahold announced yesterday the introduction of a magazine and digital platform called Savory Fast, Fresh and Easy, described as "designed to help make every day a little fresher, a little easier, and a little more delicious for our busy customers ... Savory is a go-to guide with inspirational recipes and meal solutions that help our customers save time, save money, and eat well ... Items used in recipes are tied to store promotions and will be tagged in store creating a 'savory' customer journey that is easy to shop."

The announcement noted that "the magazine, which is a component of the overall digital content platform, is free to customers who use their loyalty card, and it will be issued four times this year, both in stores and online."
KC's View:
Two things.

One is that it sounds like Ahold is avoiding a mistake that has been made with other retail magazines - licensing content from other non-food-oriented magazines that did things like make vacation recommendations. Food retailers don't have credibility for that kind of content, but they used it because it was easy. in fact, every page of these magazines ought to be devoted to reinforcing the food store's core mission, which is to offer a compelling food-oriented experience.

The other comment I'd make is that I might've avoided the "Fresh and Easy" reference ... but maybe for much of the country, those words don't have the negative connotation for people who pay attention to failed bids by British retailers to open stores in the western US.

In general, this strikes me as a smart move.