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Business Insider reports on a new study that it has done examining the advantages and disadvantages of e-grocery.

The disadvantages for both consumers and businesses include"the cost and complexity of logistics, shipping fees, and the quality and freshness of orders. For online grocers to deliver the freshness consumers want, they have to be able to deliver orders fast while maintaining the quality of easily damaged foods like produce."

But the advantages include convenience and selection, and the reports suggests that two trends - new models that include concierge shopping and subscription meals, and new players that include Amazon, eBay and Google - create the possibility, even the probability, that the disadvantages will be overcome.
KC's View:
At the end of the day, an entire demographic of people has been trained to believe that online purchasing is the smartest, most convenient way to get what they want ... and they are being encouraged in this by companies looking to make same-day delivery a pervasive reality in much of the country.

Disadvantages lose. it is that simple.