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The Wall Street Journal reports that Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce behemoth, "plans to kick off a pay-to-watch video subscription service called Tmall Box Office, or TBO, in two months ... The platform will stream mostly foreign and local film and TV content, as well as some original content produced by Alibaba itself ... The service will be operated on Alibaba’s TV platforms including smart TVs and over-the-top TV box."
KC's View:
Sound familiar?

If not, let's see if the following passage resonates:

"This is Alibaba’s latest efforts to build an ecosystem of TV and film content, which already includes a movie-ticketing website, a crowdfunding film product and the film studio Alibaba Pictures ... Alibaba is among an increasing number of online companies strengthening Internet TV services to attract the country’s growing number of so-called cord-cutters who view TV online as opposed to watching over traditional platforms."

Did someone say "ecosystem?"

Keep one thing in mind - whatever Alibaba does outside the US probably is just prologue for what it eventually plans to do in the US.