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Fast Company has a story about a new Glassdoor survey that ranks the bosses best-liked by their employees ... and HEB's Charles Butt is third on the list, with a 96 percent approval rating.

The only people who beat him are Google’s Larry Page and Nike's Mark Parker, which of whom had a 97 percent approval rating.

"Among the spectrum of industries represented by these favorite CEOs, tech is the most prevalent, with 15 CEOs out of the 50," the story says. "The retail industry made its presence felt with seven CEOs represented."

Those seven, in addition to Butt, are: Costco's Craig Jelinek (ranked 13th), Sephora's Calvin McDonald (17th), J. Crew's Mickey Drexler (26th), Wegmans' Danny Wegman (28th), Nordstrom's Blake Nordstrom (29th), and Starbucks' Howard Schultz (31st).

According to the story, "Glassdoor’s rankings use the company’s proprietary algorithms to parse the reviews of employees who anonymously and voluntarily provide feedback via the Glassdoor company review survey all year long on whether they approve or disapprove of how their CEO is leading the company, along with insight into their job, work environment, and company. A minimum of 100 reviews had to be entered in order for the CEO to be considered."
KC's View:
Many of the names on the list are not at all surprising, mostly because you can kind of tell the companies with CEOs who are inspiring and visionary, lading rather than managing. The only reason that I was mildly surprised by the presence of the Sephora CEO is that it is a company I know very little about, other than that my daughter is a happy, frequent customer there.

One point that needs to be made is that while Drexler is on the list, and traditionally is one of the best business leaders in the fashion industry, there have been a lot of articles written lately about problems at J. Crew and some management upheaval there. I suspect the company will ride it out without any problem, but it is good to remember that employee devotion is not a guarantee of a ride without turbulence.