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Reuters reports that Disney has created a "carefully vetted group of roughly 1,300 Disney Social Media Moms. The group of mothers - and a few fathers - are part of a Disney effort to incorporate the enthusiasm and influence of parents into its marketing efforts."

According to the story, "Disney moms are not paid, but they receive perks from the company for their efforts, including - for some - deeply discounted, four-day family trips to Walt Disney World for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, an event that is part vacation and part educational conference.

"Disney does not tell the mothers what to write or tweet about, and it doesn't require them to post. Still, this year’s social media moms event in May generated 28,500 tweets, 4,900 Instagram photos and 88 blog posts full of ride reviews and videos of kids meeting Disney characters. And the moms' postings are overwhelmingly positive.

"The theory is that mothers with a large online presence have the ability to influence travel and entertainment planning of other mothers."
KC's View:
This struck me as interesting considering the story we had the other day about how expensive the Disney theme parks have gotten, to the point that the numbers make them inaccessible to many people who have to live on a budget. Disney's really smart about this stuff, and these kinds of social media programs are textbook in nature. But I still think the company - and many of its theme park brethren - is flirting with diminishing brand equity by making its facilities only for the financially well-off.