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Reuters reports that both Walmart and Sears said yesterday that "they would stop selling products bearing the Confederate flag, a week after a white gunman shot nine dead at a historically black South Carolina church ... The accused white gunman posed with the flag in photos online. Supporters, who fly the flag or wear it on clothing, see it as a symbol of the South's history and culture, as well a memorial to the Confederate casualties during the 1861-65 Civil War."

The move came as "South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley called on lawmakers to take down the flag, considered by opponents to be a symbol of slavery and racism, at the state capitol grounds." Reuters notes that Target does not appear to sell any Confederacy-themed products, but that Amazon does - though they all seem to be sold by third-party providers selling through Amazon's Marketplace ... Rival eBay Inc listed over 1,000 Confederate flags and related items offered by third-party sellers on its web site."
KC's View:
When this story appeared yesterday, one MNB wrote to me...

Pleasantly surprising, though depressing it takes such a tragedy to drive the change.  You'd think something representing oppression and racism would have found its way off the shelves sooner.

You'd think. It is encouraging that the political climate seems to have shifted so quickly that many politicians seem to be lining up to remove the flag from the statehouse grounds.

BTW ... I was curious and went on Amazon to check out its selection of Confederate flags ... and then, out of curiosity, checked on something else. You can also find an ISIS flag on Amazon ... which was even more disconcerting.