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The Wall Street Journal reports that Anheuser-Busch InBev has agreed to pay as much as $50 to any Beck's Beer drinker who can produce a receipt, $12 to customers without a receipt, as well as about $3.5 million in attorneys’ fees to settle a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit took issue with the company claiming that Beck's is an authentic German pilsner, even though it has been brewed in America since 2012.

According to the story, "The suit alleged that phrases featured on Beck’s packaging, such as 'German Quality' beer and 'Originated in Bremen, Germany,' gave consumers a false impression about where the beer was made, in violation of state consumer protection laws." A similar lawsuit has been filed against the company regarding its Kirin brand, which is not made in Japan anymore.

The Journal writes that "Beck’s isn’t the only brand to trade on its foreign roots. Red Stripe, owned by Diageo PLC, advertises itself as a 'Jamaican-style Lager'; Foster’s, made by MillerCoors LLC, sports a kangaroo in reference to its Australian heritage, and sister brand Killian’s Irish Red alludes to Ireland in its name. All say on their packaging that they are brewed in the U.S."

All that remains for the settlement to become final is a judge's approval.
KC's View:
I'm not a litigious person ... but I have to admit that I'm utterly shocked to find out that Beck's is not made in German, Kirin is not made in Japan, Red Stripe is not made in Jamaica, and Foster's is not made in Australia.

For some reason, I always figured that Killian's was made here ... though this may have been more assumption than an informed piece of knowledge, and I have no idea why I felt that way.

The thing is, you have to tell people the truth about a product - what's in it, where it is made, etc... It is not just a legal responsibility but a moral responsibility ... and companies that are less than forthright or even downright duplicitous will lose credibility with the public.

And should.