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In the UK, the Telegraph reports that Tesco is raising the threshold for free use of both its delivery and click-and-collect services, increasing it from the equivalent of roughly $39 (US) to about $63 (US). Customers who spend more than the minimum amount get free shipping or pick-up; spend less, and the fee is the equivalent of about six bucks.

According to the story, the move has "sparked anger" among Tesco customers ... or at least among Tesco customers inclined to go on social media to complain.
KC's View:
Six bucks doesn't sound like a lot to avoid having to go to the store, but then again, Tesco is trying to regain sales momentum, not stall it. Hard to say if this will have a huge amount of impact, though it is fair to say that it is hard to start charging for something that you've been giving away.