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by Kevin Coupe

The Associated Press reports that scientists at Oregon State University have developed a new strain of seaweed that they say will have twice the nutritional value of kale - and will taste like bacon.

It is described as a new variety of "dulse," which grows "wild along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines" and is "harvested and commonly used by people in dried form as a cooking ingredient or nutritional supplement." But scientists, the story says, "have been trying to develop a new strain of the seaweed for more than 15 years ... Among the most promising foods created were a dulse-based rice cracker and salad dressing. And bacon-tasting strips, which are fried like regular bacon to bring out the flavor."

My brother and his 14-year-old son (who we have taken to calling "the Content Nephew") are with me for a few days in Portland, so I asked my nephew if he'd eat this ... and he said without hesitation that he would. So that's one.

I sort of like my seaweed straight, in sushi or with poke ... but I think I'd be willing to try this, too. Especially if it has more nutritional value than kale, which I generally can't stand. (And by the way ... if it takes genetic engineering to make seaweed taste like bacon, that could be the deal-maker for me.)

So pass me the bacon-flavored dulse. I'm sure it'll be an Eye-Opener.
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