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The Sacramento Bee reports that Raley's, which operates 137 stores in Northern California but pulled out of the Sacramento market more than 20 years ago, is "looking to return to the city core with a new style of store fit for urban dwellers ... the company is exploring several sites downtown for a smaller-format, farmer’s market style store that would appeal to residents who live in a denser and more pedestrian-oriented environment."

According to the story, "Raley’s spokeswoman Chelsea Minor declined comment on specific sites, but said the company has been monitoring development downtown and feels it is time to jump in."

The Bee goes on to write that "Raley’s downtown move would mirror several other proposed or current urban-style markets in Sacramento, and follows a national trend toward more city-center markets as more large-city downtowns are repopulated with residents." In Sacramento, that has meant openings by both Safeway and, in the future, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and Whole Foods. "But Raley’s would be the first major grocery chain to come back into the heart of downtown, where city officials say they are pushing for development that will attract thousands of new residents."
KC's View:
I totally get this. I'm living in the city right now, and I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to walk out the door and find almost anything within blocks ... and this is the experience that more and more people want to have.