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• The Financial Express reports that in addition to Walmart Canada and CVS closing down their online photo processing websites because of a data breach, possibly through a technology vendor, "Costco Wholesale Corp, Sam’s Club and a handful of other large retailers have disabled their online photo printing stores in recent days" as well. Other retailers that may have been affected include RiteAid and Tesco.

• The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) is out with a new study saying that "food retailers can expect to see a correlation between how engaging and entertaining their app is and their digital customer retention."

In addition, the study shows that "active grocery app users are not overly concerned about their privacy but appreciate transparency by retailers regarding how their data is used."

“Digital trust is key,” says. Nancy M. Childs, Ph.D., Gerald E. Peck Fellow and professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph’s University, who conducted the study. “The more consumers feel they are in control of their data, the more generous they are with information, and the more they are locked into an app for sales. The level of digital trust a consumer has with an app is critical and will be a meaningful differentiation when choosing grocery apps.”
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