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• The Wall Street Journal reports that "One month after Apple Inc. started selling Apple Watch at its own stores, the company said it will bring the device to Best Buy stores in August. Apple said its smartwatch will be available at more than 100 Best Buy stores in the U.S., expanding to over 300 outlets before the holiday shopping season. Best Buy will be the first major U.S. retailer beside Apple to sell the device."

The Apple Watch originally was only available at Apple's online store, which the Journal suggests may have been a miscalculation - the long lines at Apple Stores that almost always occur when the company rolls out a new product were not in evidence for the smartwatch, and therefore the company did not benefit from the mob scenes that "function as free advertising and help to build the perception that the new product is a must-have item.

• King's Food Markets has announced a new deal that will bring in artisanal baked goods to its 25 New York metropolitan area stores from the Zaro’s Family Bakery company, best known for operating high-volume bake shops in New York-area commuter hubs such as Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station.
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